Can I return the car after signing off the agreement?

Can I return the car after signing off the agreement?

Buyer remorse act as regret after spending a huge sum of money and is connected with the purchase of an expensive product such as vehicle and real-estate.

We all do sometimes dumb shopping that becomes a pang of guilt afterward, but then what? Our impulsive decision has costs dollars and how we can undo the same?

  • Return it? Does the company accept it and refund the money?
  • Keep regretting it? Thinking what we want later.


Buyer’s remorse law can take you out of the shopping-related crisis if you take quick decisions.

What is the 3 Day Cooling-off Rule?

There’s a federal cooling-off rule for few purchases which is meant to protect the consumers from impulsive purchase and door to door sales. The buyer’s remorse law provides the provision which allows the consumers to cancel the contracts under few circumstances. Once you’ve signed the contract, you own the car and the law is favorable on the sides of the sellers.

The winding-up of the deal is the thing that the seller will never look for as it comes with a huge cost. The business works on the rule that the customer remains satisfied with the purchase, without unwinding the deal. There are situations when the dealer’s has to go through the same and cancel the deal.

Buyer mindset changes with the odds they face towards the purchase such as car doesn’t have the same performance as determined, the buyer has falsely acquired the loan or misrepresented the credit score. The salesperson was not on his words after finalizing the deal.

Unwinding the deal comes with few scenarios. Let’s look at the same and how the buyer can deal with the same.

Possess Buyer’s Remorse

The car dealer doesn’t have designated a set of rules and policies that allow you to revoke the purchase agreement you’ve signed. There are chances you don’t like the car or it leads to an increase in budget and affecting your financial position.

If you acquire a buyer’s remorse, you can contact the salesperson but always try to contact some higher authority in the dealership i.e. sales manager, general manager or if possible, owner. However, decision power is possessed by the dealer as solely he can undo the purchase and favors you in any way possible.

Deceived Buyer

If the salesperson does the fraud who cannot remain on his words, don’t get impulsive and take a decision towards the same. Before you accuse, find the proper information then proceed with your alleged claim where you’ve conned of.

Consumers who’ve been deceived off can visit the dealership with the proper information and facts, then begin your conversation with the manager and present the things that have been done with you and so that you can undo the deal.

Use Lemon Law

Lemon Law: It works on the new vehicle which has several manufacturing defects that affect its safety, value or utility. The vehicle with several flaws termed as lemon and they will cover the used car.

  • The law acquires more time and continuous visits take the vehicle under Lemon Law.
  • Before you use the lemon law, learn about the implications of the same and do the needful.
  • Sometimes, the buyer finds out the glitch in cars at an early stage and lead to exchange the vehicle or cancel the deal.
  • The difficulties arise with the new car, the dealer will fix if the car is under warranty and with no warranty, vice-versa.


Can I cancel the purchase agreement of the car?

Yes, you can cancel the vehicle purchase when you’ve signed the paperwork that includes contracts and other related vehicle documents. If you don’t hold the owners of the vehicle, it means the car still remains on the dealership.

Can cancellation is possible on the purchase of a used car?

Dealers are not liable to follow a 3-day cooling-off rule on used cars to cancel. They cannot cancel the purchase in terms of stating the cooling-off period, money-back guarantee a no return policy to buyers.

We all have made purchases that later turn into sorrow, buyer remorse acts the same. Let’s learn about how the consumer can use it to attain more benefits and also cancel the purchase if it was done in a rush.

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