Car Buying During Corona Virus: Frequently Asked Questions

Car Buying During Corona Virus: Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and selling cars has its own happy moments and moments of challenges and questions as well. And today when the world is on a halt, buying and selling your vehicles are now having its own specific sets of new challenges and drawbacks. In this article, we have assemble before your some very important tips and advices that you should follow to buy vehicles amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can You Buy A Car Right Now

The answer to this question totally depends on your place of residence. And also on the current state of government mandates. People have quarantined themselves, and similar is the case with all dealership showrooms. But it is nearly impossible to keep retail sales on a halt, as it effects the overall economy of the nation. So in parts of the world, retail dealerships are now allowed to reopen, but with certain safety measures to be compulsorily followed. So before visiting your dealership, you must first make a call an check if the showroom is open. And try to make a visit at a time when you think that it is the time when there won’t be many customers. See how corona virus is affecting car dealerships.

Is now a right time to buy a car?

Your answer depends on your needs. If you really need one, because it’s making it difficult for you to travel, then you can certainly make the decision. However, if there is no such emergency situation, then we’ll recommend you not to go out of your home.

In case you have planned to buy a vehicle for yourself, then you must know that the possibility of buying your desired vehicle will be very low. This is because, the pandemic has badly affected transport services and it is possible that your showroom might be out of stock. You must first confirm it with the dealer over phone, and then go out. And if you are wanting to buy a pre-owned car, then chances are high, that you will get the model you want. However, the risk of exposure to the corona virus is high. The reason is clear, that pre-owned cars have been previously owned by another individual.

How can I safely buy a new car amid the outbreak?

Well, the safest way is to keep everything online, including the payment and paperwork. The only thing which will undeniably stay offline, is the delivery of your car. Ask the dealer for visuals of the car you are planning to purchase, and make your decision accordingly. Try not to go for a test-drive. In case of buying a new vehicles, test-drive can be avoided. But if you are buying a used car, it must be avoided at all cost. You can ask the dealer to create a video of test-drive for you, so that you can inspect it within the premises of your home.


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